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Martin Garrix Announced As International Friend Of SOS Children’s Villages Featured

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Martin Garrix has recently been announced that he is an international friend to SOS Children’s Villages.

Kicking off his involvement, he visited his first village in Cape Town, South Africa. Through his career, he will raise awareness all around the world for SOS Children’s villages, with a focus on preventing family separation and providing family-based care for vulnerable children.

He visited his first village in Cape Town, where he witnessed first-hand the impact that the organization makes on children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care. At this village, SOS families are created for children who have lost parental care. In such a family, children grow up with an SOS mother, sisters and brothers. To introduce himself, Garrix played a short DJ set for all SOS families.

Martin Garrix Uses His Voice To Encourage His Followers To Get Involved

It is wonderful to see how SOS Children’s Villages creates a family for children worldwide. I know how important family is. I hope that, with my support, SOS can help many more children.

My sister and I grew up with caring parents. We are still very close. I truly believe that they are a big part of my success. Especially since I was only still a kid when my career took off. They were always there. Their unconditional support helped me more than I can say. It is awful that so many children around the world don’t have the support of a caring family.

As a friend of SOS, I want to help children and get more people involved.

Children orphaned and abandoned due to civil war, extreme poverty, natural disaster and pandemics are amongst the world’s most vulnerable citizens. For over 65 years, SOS Children’s Villages have worked around the globe to ensure these children have a family, a community and a promise of a brighter future.

Together with their supporters, they are helping the world’s most vulnerable children and families to provide a higher quality of life, to prevent family breakdown and to ensure that every child’s right to a family, protection, education and healthcare is fulfilled. Find out more information here.


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