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DAWS And Equipment Your Favorite Producers Are Using

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When it comes to music production, the process can be a little intimidating at first.

It’s easy to second guess yourself about what type of equipment or DAW to get, but the important thing is that you do your research and find what works best for you. Plus, it might help if you know what type of system your favorite DJ uses!


There are a few main DAWS to consider: Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro X, and FL Studio. Some of the workflow will feel the same, but there are advantages and disadvantages when you compare these across the scale. The best pro tip is to download trial versions and play around with any and all options until you meet your perfect DAW match.

However, to get you started, here are the DAWs some of your favorite artists are using!

Flume’s DAW: Ableton Live

For Flume, working quickly is key and he finds Ableton Live works best when he’s making his stunning, pop-infused electronic beats. His creative process and weirdness comes along quite nicely with the help from Native Instruments Komplete and Kontakt plugins and Guitar Rig software. If these musical tools work for the Grammy-award winning producer, they may work for you too!

Ableton Live is undoubtedly one of the most popular DAW choices among electronic music producers, and Flume stands by the system. He has revealed: “For me I like to work really quickly. Ableton Live, yeah, I’ve been using it for quite some time now.”

Other producers working in Ableton Live: Alison WonderlandLaidback LukeSkrillexDiploDeadmau5

Disclosure’s DAW: Apple Logic Pro X

This duo is a truly treasured electronic act that continuously progresses their incredible sound. Instead of getting into the studio solo, Disclosure get to bounce ideas off each other which is a unique production tool in itself. They’ve found Apple Logic Pro X as their go-to program for creating music.

But, running shows live is a different story:  “For live we use Ableton on one laptop to run stuff we can’t play, but we try to play as much as we can.”

As far as equipment goes, Akai Professional’s line of launch pads, keyboards, and controllers remain a trusty brand for Disclosure to work on, through their daw and when performing live.

Other producers working in Apple Logic Pro X: AlessoKendrick LamarEric Prydz

Martin Garrix’s DAW: FL Studio

The #1 DJ in the world probably knows what’s up when it comes to working quickly and efficiently. He’s a hit making machine and for him, FL studio is the bees knees.

But get this — he has to continuously work in multiple versions of the software because he hasn’t pulled all of his synths and samples into the most recent version of the DAW. He also dabbles with Apple Logic sometimes and uses a variety of plugins including Nexus, Sylenth1, Massive and Gross Beat.

Find more about what producers are using which DAWs and equipment here.

Other producers who use FL Studio: Porter RobinsonDJ SnakeNicky RomeroFeed Me

It should be noted, many of the producers listed here jump between different DAWs when working on new project and when it comes to getting into the studio vs. playing a live show. Remember: just find what works best for you and run with it.


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