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Magnetic Radio

Among the list of guest contributors on Drake‘s newest album More Life, released earlier this week, sits none other than South Africa’s most prolific DJ Black Coffee.

Electric Daisy Carnival is always sure to have a stacked bill, but we might be closer to figuring out exactly which artists will be throwing down this year…

DJs and producers who share their remixes, sets, and other creative work on SoundCloud can now get paid for it! It’s all part of the SoundCloud Premier program that just rolled out to support artists, monetize content, and build fan-bases.

Mar 10

Chocolate Festival

There’s so much to love about the Chocolate Festival! Each year the festival will features the dreamy, mouth-watering creations of dozens of Kenyan chocolatiers.

Mar 10

Magnetic Radio #034

Episode 34 is all about future house. Listen below

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